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It’s hard to work on a side project and get it done. Esp when it’s something new, complicated, takes a lot of time, and you don’t get paid for it.

But it’s achievable!

Well, it’s not always about fun though, it’s about learning too. And learning is never easy, esp. learnin-by-doing. is an app-implementation of an idea,

if you want something done, then:

  1. decide how much time you can spend on your project today, then
  2. spend decided amount of time working towards your goal
  3. repeat (2.) regularly, until done.

Idea is too simple. But it works. In fact was built using its own approach.

The app is far from finished in terms of features and usefulness, but the core is there.


The idea came to me from my drawing practice. I started learning to draw more than a year ago now. I’ve used same spend-time-regularly approach… And I do see progress. It’s slow, sometimes painful, but it’s there.

Here’s an example of my latest portrait sketch of beautiful Anna drawing-anna

More to come

I’m working on implementing ideas that will make the app useful to people beside me.

My next post will be about finding time for a side-project without quitting your day-job.

Stay tuned.

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