Vundle is a bundle too

gmarik 1 min

Today Vundle got better!

Couple folks had mentioned that i’d be nice to have Vundle inside bundle/ dir. In that case Vundle gets same treatment as other bundles, and help issue gets fixed automatically.

How to bundle vundle

For those who haven’t yet moved Vundle to bundle/ dir here are migration steps:

  1. Change vundle’s runtime path:


    set rtp+=~/.vim/vundle.git


    set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/vundle          " without .git

    in your .vimrc

  2. Configure Vundle as a bundle in .vimrc:

    Bundle 'gmarik/vundle'

    this ensures you get vundle updated along with other bundles

  3. move Vundle repo to bundle/ dir, ie in your terminal, run:

    $ mv ~/.vim/vundle.git ~/.vim/bundle/vundle

    assuming ~/.vim/bundle/ is a directory with your bundles

  4. Restart Vim

  5. Enjoy!

See Quick start for updated installation instructions.

If you have any issues you can either open issue or contact gmarik on twitter

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