Vundle 0.9 got awesome installer

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Vundle, the plugin manager for Vim, just got major usability improvements.

Prior to 0.9

Before 0.9, Vundle used echoing to display progress. Echoing is poorly usable:

New UI

Vundle 0.9 uses Vim’s buffer to display data. For example installation progress (of :BundleInstall command) looks: Installation progress

New version uses Vim’s signs(:h signs) to mark results:

So from the image above it’s quite easy to see that there are:

and the ones below Align are yet to be preocessed.

New UI and commands

All commands :BundleInstall, :BundleClean, :BundleSearch, :BundleList (see help :h vundle) use new UI in Vundle 0.9. For instance :BundleClean shows the list of bundles to be removed Clening up

Notice deleted bundles marked with - .

Btw, :BundleList is an addition in Vundle 0.9 and it displays a list of currently configured bundles; mostly for convenience.


New UI lets apply commands to bundles selectively by just pressing appropriate key over highlighted bundle. For instance, pressing:

What’s next, before 1.0

There are probably 2 items to work on before Vundle 1.0:

How to update to 0.9

run :BundleInstall! and restart Vim. Run :BundleInstall! again to see new UI in action.

How to install Vundle

follow Quick Start


Vundle got small but active community, I’d like to thank those who are actively involved in making Vundle better:

Special thanks go to Scott Bronson for running awesome as well as Github for making this possible.

And thanks for trying Vundle!

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