Vundle 0.7 is out

gmarik 1 min

As you may know Vundle is a plugin manager for Vim. Before Vundle I was a pathogen user

Vundle-0.7 was out today and adds some nice features!

Github short URIs

Vundle loves GitHub that’s why Vundle commands recognize short github URIs:

so instead of:

" .vimrc
Bundle ''
Bundle ''

short versions are available

" .vimrc
Bundle 'tpope/vim-fugitive'
Bundle 'nelstrom/vim-mac-classic-theme.git'

Note: Vundle defaults to http:// protocol for short URIs

Short URIs are especially handy when you need quickly install a script:

:BundleInstall sjl/gundo.vim

After installation you should be able to run :GundoToggle command

Interactive Mode

Run :Bundles! unite command.

You’ll get window similar to: this

Now if you press i - unite.vim will be installed (as cursor is positioned over the corresponding line)

Interactive mode allows also to cleanup, refine and reload bundles. See vundle documentation for more details.

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